History in Europe


Full scale marketing starts in Europe. In 1975 Yamazaki Mazak Europe NV was founded in Brussels to open up the difficult and competitive European market.


Expansion of sales companies. In 1981 new sales companies were established in Goeppingen, Germany and Worcester, UK. Plans were already in discussion to start configuring Mazak machine tools in Europe.


An historic meeting and decision. In 1984, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher met with Mr Yasuhiro Nakasone, Prime Minister of Japan. At this time, the British government was encouraging investment in high technology manufacturing (FMS). Prime Minister Thatcher invited Yamazaki Mazak through the Japanese government to come to the UK and benefit from the incentives available.


The most advanced machine tool manufacturing plant in Europe. The new factory opens with 16,000m2, 62 employees and an initial output of 30 units per month, manufacturing Quick Turn series turning centres and VQC series vertical machining centres.

"Together Success"

In 1987 "Together Success" became the slogan for the factory, embodying the wish that manufacturer, distributors, customers, managers and employees all work together, enjoy what they do together, keep on growing together and achieve success together.

The slogan is still used today throughout the Mazak world and symbolises the special relationships that help build our future.

Awards for World Class Manufacturing Performance

In 1988 Management Today – a leading business journal in the UK – featured Mazak as one of "Britain's Best Factories".

In 1991 Sweden's Royal Academy of Science designated Yamazaki Mazak one of the "Best companies in the world".

The Queen's Award for Export Achievement was awarded in 1992, only five years after the factory's opening.


Expansion of Technology Centres throughout Europe By 1989 new sales companies were founded in Italy and France, and new Technology Centres established in 1990 and 1992. Further expansion took place in 1994 with the founding of a new sales company in Denmark. In 1995 a new Technology Centre was opened in Ratingen for the North of Germany.


Expansion for the 21st century. In 1996 the Japanese Crane was adopted as the emblem for Mazak Europe, symbolising long life and good fortune. The factory was extended by 9,000m2, enabling an increase in output of 50%, through an additional investment of £10m.


Cyber Factory In 2001 a new £10m investment was made in the European factory's manufacturing facilities, and the Cyber factory was created.


Nexus – a winning concept The Nexus range of machines was launched in 2002. The principle of global design has been used to develop exceptional machines at a highly competitive price with advanced technology and high productivity. More than 4,000 units of Nexus turning and machining centres have already been manufactured at the Worcester site and the models, options and capability are continuously developed.


Further Expansion to support European manufacturing An additional investment of 15m Euro was made between 2006–2007 to extend the factory to a new total 29,000m

2009 – New European Technology Centre, Manufacturing Technology Showcase

Helping manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe to achieve higher productivity and profitability, this is a new 2,500m2 landmark building in UK manufacturing, with its stunning glass frontage and environmentally friendly architectural design, the new European Technology Centre houses extensive showroom, exhibition, hospitality, and conferencing facilities.

November 2011 – New technology centre in Leipzig

The new facility occupies a total floor space of 1750m2 and is equipped with a state-of-the-art training facility, as well as a substantial demonstration area with space to exhibit eight new machine tools. There is fully trained sales, applications and service staff on-site to offer advice and support to customers in Eastern Germany.

March 2012 – New Dusseldorf Technology Centre

The full specification for the Dusseldorf Technology Center includes a total land size of 5,000m2 and a total floor size of 2600m2. This is Mazak’s fourth Technology centre in Germany. Situated in direct proximity to transportation links, the location of the new Technology Centre reflects Mazak’s commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service and support across Europe.

March 2012 – Mazak opens its latest Technology Centre in Katowice, Poland

The full specification for the Katowice Technology Center includes a total land size of 5,600m2 and a total floor size of 900m2. The new Technology Centre includes offices for its 21 employees, a solutions gallery, a seminar room for up to 80 persons and training rooms for groups of up to 16 persons.

April 2012 – New technology centre in Prague

The new facility in Prague has a total floor size of 1,350 m2; this includes a demonstration area of 585 m2 that displays seven Mazak machines.

July 2012 – Mazak at the Make it in Great Britain exhibition at the Science Museum

Yamazaki Mazak was chosen to represent British manufacturing at the Make it in Great Britain exhibition, which ran for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Mazak, the only machine tool manufacturer to be represented, exhibited a QUICK TURN lathe, which demonstrated the role of the machine tool in modern manufacturing.

June 2013 – HRH Prince of Wales visits Yamazaki Mazak

On the 6th of June, His Royal Highness visited for the first time Yamazaki Mazak’s European headquarters in Worcester, with the main purpose being to learn more about Mazak’s approach to manufacturing and the company’s commitment to developing young engineers.