Laser Cutting Machines 

Mazak laser cutting technology

metal laser cutter


High-speed, high-accuracy metal laser cutting
with unsurpassed productivity

Yamazaki Mazak started the production of laser processing machines in the 1980's.
Ever since, we have concentrated on producing the most advanced laser cutting machines available, capable of cutting thin to thick flat workpieces, cubic workpieces and pipe and structural materials – all with high-speed and high-accuracy. This is made possible by using the latest machine tool and CNC technology and CAD/CAM software while focusing on overall ergonomic machine design. Our extensive laser product range incorporating the most advanced technology is designed to meet virtually any production requirement.




2D/3D laser cutting machine

2D/3D laser cutting is uniquely flexible, ideal for both 2D metal sheeting or 3D structural shapes of any size and length. View our range below, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.



3D tube cutting machinery

Ideal for long, structural materials such as cylindrical, square or rectangular pipes and iron or steel bars, Mazak’s FABRI GEAR 3D range offers superior cutting accuracy. Click the link below for more details.


Automation In Laser Cutting Technology    

Laser cutting automation

Mazak is at the forefront of laser automation innovation within production processes. Learn more about our automation systems below.  

Laser Cutter Intelligent Functions

Intelligent functions in laser cutting

Reach maximum machine efficiency with Mazak’s variety of intelligent set-up, monitoring and cutting functions. Click the link below to find out more. 


CNC Laser Cutting Machine Systems

CNC laser system

Mazak laser processing machine CNC systems

The revolutionary MAZATROL CNC, developed exclusively by Mazak, was first used on metal cutting machine tools in 1981.
This unique system also has been used on Mazak lasers for almost 30 years.
By incorporating the most advanced technology possible, these systems provide unsurpassed ease of operation and high performance.

Mazatrol CNC laser cutting machine systems

Higher productivity by high-speed,high-accuracy control

  • Advanced hardware
  • Optimum acceleration / deceleration for
    the reduction of cutting time
  • Improved laser operation responsiveness

Designed for ease of operation

  • Easy-to-use button layout
  • Organized screen layout for
    convenient operation

Get in touch with your local Mazak representative to discuss your laser cutting machine requirements.