Advanced Technology & Environmentally Friendly

Best-in-class environmental performance

Yamazaki Mazak is best known for manufacturing best-in-class machine tools, but in recent years we have also developed a reputation for machines that offer outstanding sustainability characteristics.

Mazak machines are developed and built to minimise their impact on the environment, reduce energy consumption and minimise waste.
What’s more, all of our manufacturing plants are ISO 14001 certified, an international standard that confirms our facilities do not adversely affect the air, water or land.

variaxis j-500 energy saving visual

In operation, our customers benefit from a number of environmentally friendly features incorporated into our machines, including high-efficiency LED lighting for machine work areas and automatic lighting and chip conveyor shut-off - after a pre-determined time period - which delivers lower power consumption.

In addition, our SmoothX and SmoothG CNC are equipped with an Energy Dashboard that provides a convenient visual monitor of energy consumption along with analysis.

energy dashboard

Earth-friendly manufacturing plant and laboratories

World Research and Development Centre

world research and development centre

Yamazaki Mazak Optonics Corporation

mazak optonics corporation



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