Product: Laser

Fiber laser processing machine with advanced Intelligent Functions

  • Equipped with unique INTELLIGENT SET-UP FUNCTIONS including Auto Nozzle Changing and Auto Focus Positioning as well as INTELLIGENT MONITORING FUNCTIONS
  • Mazak Multi-Control Torch - standard equipment for Optimum cutting with high-speed and high-accuracy can be performed by automatic setup-effective for both thin worksheets and thick plates
  • Touch screen MAZATROL PREVIEW 3 CNC for increased ease of operation

Machine Specifications

6.0 kW Laser Values
Machine Specifications Axis processing movement Stationary table with X-Y-Z movement (flying optics)
Maximum work piece size X-Y 1525 mm x 3000 mm
Work table height 900 mm
Axis travel X-Y 1580 mm x 3000 mm
Z axis travel 110 mm
Axis acceleration X-Y-Z X-Y 1.2 g, Z 1.2 g
Rapid traverse rate X-Y 120 m/min
Rapid traverse rate Z 60 m/min
Design Bridge gantry style
Axis drive system X1/X2 - Y Helical rack & pinion
Axis drive system Z Digital servo drive, ball screw
Positional accuracy X-Y ± 0.05 / 500 mm
Positional accuracy Z ± 0.01 / 100 mm
Repeatability X-Y-Z ± 0.03 mm
Cutting head Mazak multi-function torch
Z axis profiler Non-contact type/capacitance
Lighting system Fluorescent lamp
Operation status indicator lights Yellow/laser source on, red/laser beam on
Programmable assist gas ports Shop air for system operation (not for cutting)
Programmable gas range 0.020 MPa to 2.5 MPa
Noise level laser Maximum 80 dBA
Safety interlock system Door, shuttle door, hood
Machine base Precision machined single cast iron base
System weight 15,500 kg
Laser Generator Specifications Generator style LD excited Yb fiber
Cabinet enclosure Nema 12 air conditioned sealed cabinet
CW output power 6 kW
Power stability ± 2%
Laser wave length 1.07 µm
Laser power mode selection CW, pulsed
Chiller System Reservoir 178 L
Circuit cooled Torch, laser
Material Processing Range Mild steel O₂ 25 mm
Mild steel N₂ 15 mm
Stainless steel N₂ 25 mm
Aluminium N₂ 25 mm
Galvanized N₂ 6 mm
Brass N₂ 12 mm
Copper N₂ 12 mm
Control Specifications Name Mazak Preview 3
CPU 64 bit
Data input Touch screen
Monitor 15" XGA Colour TFT
Graphic preview display 2D & 3D tool path
Memory storage 16 GB
Program storage 1 GB
Input ports USB 2.0 x 3 ports
Network connection LAN 1 port (100/1000 BASE)
Controlled axis function Simultaneous 3 axis control (X1&2-Y-Z-W) W axis focal point adjustment/SFT
Minimum input command 0.001 mm
Data input MDI input/program editing
Servo system Digital
Position system Encoder
Control method Semi-closed loop
Pallet Specifications Maximum work piece weight per pallet 930 kg
Maximum loading height of work piece 30 mm
Maximum work piece size X-Y 1525 mm x 3050 mm
Work piece reference 2 reference stops or laser edge find
Clamps 2 manual clamps standard
Number pallets 2
Shuttle time to swap pallets 25 s
Work table support Knife edge slats - 100 mm
Light curtain safety barrier Fixed outside the pallet zone
Material Specifications Camber 3 mm
Angle 6 mm
Flatness 2 mm