Interactive Map

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1. Prismatic FMS

prismatic FMS

  • Produces prismatic parts such as housings and spindle heads
  • Parts can be economically produced in batch quantities of one

2. Integrex E-500H-S E-BOT CELL

mazak e-bot

  • Robot loaded Integrex cell
  • Target – 720 hours / month, unmanned running

3. Rotational FMS

rotational FMS

  • Produces cylindrical parts such as bearing housings and spindle collars


variaxis FMS

  • 5-axis machining of components
  • 20 pallet palletech system for unmanned material handling

5. Jig Boring


  • Machining under temperature controlled conditions

6. Inspection

super finishing

  • Facilities for surface and roundness measurement
  • Full calibration system

7. Grinding

super finishing

  • Temperature controlled grinding room

8. Spindle Service Centre

spindle service

  • Provides a lifetime of support for spindle replacement
  • Dedicated test and rebuild facilities
  • Close coordination with the European Parts Centre to ensure maximum spindle availability

9. Modular Unit Assembly

modular unit assembly

  • Dedicated area for unit assembly
  • Modules such as turrets, tool magazines, tool change systems, tailstocks and ballscrews are pre-assembled
  • Units individually tested to required Mazak standards

10. Modular Cover Assembly

modular cover assembly

  • Advance preparation of cover and control assemblies

11. Laser Cutting and Sheet Handling

laser cutting and sheet handling

  • Mazak Optopath handling system. Parts and sheet metal waste separated automatically
  • Machines automatically scheduled based on the production master plan

12. Bending


  • Sheet metal kits produced in batch quantities of one
  • Drawings are electronically downloaded to a display terminal at each station[Callout for: Welding – (See Manufacturing.ppt p.15)]

13. Welding


  • Welding jigs used to ensure repeatability and accuracy
  • Drawings are electronically downloaded to a display

14. Cast Paint

cast paint

  • Ensuring a durable long lasting finish
  • High volume/low pressure paint spray equipment used

15. Large Machining

large machining

  • All critical components machined in-house

16. Spindle - Assembly and Test

assemble and test

  • All spindles are factory-built Spindle assembly undertaken in an environmentally controlled clean room
  • Spindles are tested for temperature variation, noise and vibration

17. Material & Parts Supply

materials and parts supply

  • Premier supplies, lasting partnerships, reliable components

18. Logistics

  • Components including door assemblies, fasteners and fittings are delivered line-side using Kanban control systems

19. Parts Centre

parts centre

  • Five stacker cranes work automatically retrieving components

20. Final Assembly

general assembly