Mazak’s new Inabe plant goes into operation

Mazak’s new Inabe plant goes into operation


Yamazaki Mazak has announced the completion of the first construction phase and the start of assembly operations at its new Inabe Plant, in Inabe city, in the Mie prefecture.

The new plant, which manufactures large five-face machining centers and 5-axis machine tools, has been opened to meet the increasing demand for large machine tools, specifically in the aerospace, construction machinery and energy industries. The Inabe Plant is the sixth Mazak production facility in Japan.
Construction of the Inabe Plant began in 2016, with the first phase completed in February 2018. With the first phase completed, the production of large machine tools has been transferred to Inabe from the Minokamo Plant in the Gifu prefecture. In addition, by starting operations at the Inabe plant, overall production capacity in Japan has been increased by 20 per cent.
The machine tool market is currently strong and further increases in production are planned, with the new plant ensuring the company’s ability to respond more effectively to the requirements of the domestic and overseas markets.

Inabe Plant outline:

  • Factory name: Inabe Plant
  • Address: Inabe-city, Mie prefecture
  • Total land area: 115.000 m2 (1,237,850 ft2)
  • Floor space: 33,000m2 (355,209 ft2) in the first construction phase
  • Product: Large five-face machining centers, 5-axis machining centers and small/mid-size vertical machining centres
  • Investment: 16.0 billion yen (first construction phase)

Production facility for large machine tools used by the aerospace and construction machinery industries

  • Ceiling height 19m (62ft 4in) – highest of all Mazak facilities. With the ceiling height of 19m (62ft 4in), the height under the crane rail is 13m (42ft 8in) (Bays A - D), to have more than enough capacity for the production of large machine tools.
  • Reference: Minokamo Plant 1 ceiling height : 16m(52ft 6in) , height under crane rail : 8m (26ft 3in)
  • Strong foundation for the production of large high-precision machine tools. The reinforced concrete foundation of the factory is 1m (3ft 3in) thick to prevent vibration during adjustment and inspection to ensure high-precision assembly of large machine tools.
  • Constant temperature control in factory, advanced air conditioning system and lighting. To eliminate any influence caused by changes in the external temperature, the temperature in the factory up to a height 10m (33 ft) over the floor is controlled to ±1 degree Celsius (1.8 deg F). The high-efficiency environmental control system and factory lighting has considerably lower electrical power requirements when compared to conventional systems.
  • Large test cut and turn key area. The large floorspace will be effectively used for the display of large machine tools used for test cutting and turnkey set-up.