Advanced machining with Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering (UK) Ltd, is a niche rapid prototype company, based in Birmingham. For over 40 years, the company has provided quality and cost-effective subcontract engineering services, with a specific track record in automotive and motorsport.

“Our work demands extremely high accuracy, often to within a few microns. We use Mazak as the machines are reliable and always deliver the ultra-precise machining we require,” says David Richardson, Manufacturing Director.

Over the last decade, Advanced Engineering has invested £7.5 million in acquiring 16 Mazak machines, with two more in order. The machines are used to manufacture a wide range of automotive components, from cam covers and suspension arms, through to complex castings such as engine blocks and cylinder heads.

This partnership with Mazak has helped Advanced Engineering to remain at the forefront of the subcontract manufacturing sector in the UK. Investment in the latest technologies and a drive for continual improvement also saw the company become one of the first to integrate Mazak’s SMOOTH CNC Technology into its operations, two years ago. Now, it has three machines operated by SMOOTH: two VARIAXIS i-600 and an INTEGREX i-200.

 “The key driver behind our investments has been efficiency," continues David. “With SMOOTH, our cycle times are 25 percent faster, and chip-to-chip times are greatly reduced. Our inspector commented that parts are coming off better than ever before in terms of repeatability, which is all down to our 5-axis capabilities and SMOOTH set-up.”