Mazak launches new materials handling solution for UK laser market

quick cellYamazaki Mazak has enhanced its laser automation offering for the UK market following the introduction of a new materials handling solution.
First unveiled at EuroBLECH 2016, Mazak’s new QUICK CELL laser automation technology is ideal for volume production operations and is available in three different specifications, a 6-pallet, 10-pallet and 14-pallet variants.
The new QUICK CELL technology, which is capable of significantly faster processing speeds compared to the original design, has a loader/unloader travelling speed of 54m/min and an elevating speed of 8m/min, along with a sheet change time of circa 60 seconds depending on sheet size.
The QUICK CELL is perfectly suited to unmanned laser cutting operations, with the next operating pallet being prepared during processing. The new pallet is loaded as soon as the cutting process is complete, with the used pallet moved to the stocker.
Designed by famed Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama, QUICK CELL boasts a compact floorspace and can be easily expanded after the initial installation. The technology can be used with OPTIPLEX CO2, Fiber and DDL machines, and with OPTIPLEX NEXUS CO2 and Fiber machines.
Ian White, General Sales Manager for Laser Products at Yamazaki Mazak, commented: “The UK laser scene is flourishing, and we have seen a rise in demand from customers for solutions that will help them capitalise on growing market opportunity and drive further productivity improvements from their laser machines.
By coupling best-in-class metal cutting technology with an advanced automation system, such as QUICK CELL, our customers will have the capability to bring enormous production benefits to laser cutting operations, both in terms of speed and unmanned running. We are very excited to now be able to offer this technology to our UK customers.”