Mazak supports resurgent offshore industry with range of high-capacity Multi-Tasking solutions at MACH

Following the promising signs of resurgence within the UK’s oil and gas industry, Mazak will be bringing a number of productivity-enhancing solutions to MACH for subcontractors in the energy sector.

One of the defining trends for 2017 was the welcome return to productivity of the oil and gas industry, and the revitalisation is positively impacting all stages of the supply chain already this year. To meet the anticipated increase in demand for precision-machined large workpieces, Mazak will be showcasing a range of highly productive Multi-Tasking machining centres on its stand at MACH. 

The first machine oil and gas subcontractors should take note of is the latest extension to Mazak’s flagship INTEGREX range: the INTEGREX i-500.integrex i500

Specifically designed to further extend the capacity of its highly successful i-series and meet the growing demand for larger workpiece sizes synonymous with the oil and gas industry, the i-500 features a large machining envelope with additional bed length to accommodate the machining of exceptionally long parts. Able to machine parts up to Ø700mm, it boasts increased X- and Y-axis capacity.

The i-500 is equipped with a high output, high torque 37kW 2,500rpm main turning spindle and a newly developed compact 24kW 12,000rpm mill spindle head, which reduces potential interference to effectively provide a larger machining area. However, a wide range of optional specifications are available for the main spindle, second spindle and milling spindle, as well as other machine units, to give subcontractors the capacity to ensure machine specification is fully optimised to their own machining applications.

The INTEGREX i-500 will be joined by another machine from Mazak’s portfolio of Multi-Tasking solutions, the INTEGREX i-800V/8. Combining full 5-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities, the machine has the ability to quickly process large, highly complex workpieces on a vertical platform.INTEGREX i-800V

Equipped with a tilting high power 10,000rpm 37kW main spindle, capable of machining a wide range of 5-axis applications, including milling, turning, boring and drilling; the i-800V/8 also benefits from a 45kW turning table powered by a direct drive motor for a truly DONE-IN-ONE solution.

The machine comes with a two-pallet changer that provides unattended operations and off-cycle part set-up. This simple, efficient form of automation allows operators to load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet while the machine works on the other undisturbed. Ultimately, it represents a tangible example of the productivity-enhancing benefits the i-800V/8 can offer to subcontractors in the oil and gas industry, who are likely to find their order books filling up as 2018 progresses.

The final productivity-enhancing solution for oil and gas subcontractors to see on Mazak’s MACH stand is the INTEGREX i-400S machining centre. While the machine is suitable for most general subcontracting applications, it has been particularly successful in the oil and gas industry due to its large machining capacity and Multi-Tasking capability, providing solutions for the most demanding of applications.

Complete with a 3,000rpm 12” chuck main spindle, a 4000rpm 10” chuck second spindle, and 12,000rpm milling head, the INTEGREX can handle workpieces up to 1,519mm in length with a swing capacity of Ø658mm. The machine also benefits from a highly rigid platform to maintain precision cutting while machining heavy and traditionally difficult to machine materials, such as Inconel.