Product: Laser

Flexible job shop laser-cutting system

OPTIPLEX 4020 II offers unique flexible performance features that specially meet the needs of high variation job shops.

  • Constant Performance-OPTIPLEX is equipped with a U-axis to maintain a constant beam length for stable cutting at any position on the machine table
  • Flying optics design for high speed cutting of thin sheets to thick plates
  • Constant-beam length system provides stable cutting performance
  • Intelligent Set-up and Monitoring Functions for ease of operation and reduced setup time

Machine Specifications

4.0 kW Laser Values
Model characteristics Type Flying Optics Type
Workpiece Maximum size 2000 x 4000 mm
Axis Stroke X axis 4,075 mm
Y axis 2,060 mm
Z axis 110 mm
Rapid Traverse Rate X, Y 120 m/min
Z 60 m/min
Positioning Accuracy X axis, Y axis ± 0.05 / 500 mm
Z axis ± 0.01 / 100 mm
Positioning Repeatability X axis, Y axis, Z axis ± 0.03 mm
Nozzles Maximum number of nozzles 8
Machine Weight 23,000 kg
Sound Less than 80 dB