We are launching Mazak’s new technical blog!

The blog aims to demystify the world of metal cutting machines and is aimed at all machine users, butspecifically those who are new to metalworking and new to Mazak machines. It will cover a wide range of machining, automation and laser cutting subjects, in an easy to digest and very readable manner.
We will aim to post a new blog every month, so make sure you come back and catch up on our latest insight.


5-axis machining – an overview

Mark Hall, part of Mazak’s European Product Group, answers some of the most commonly asked customer questions about 5-axis machining.

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Maintenance – the third factor in laser machine choice

Laser maintenance schedules are an important factor in the choice of a laser machine. Ian Goodwin, from Mazak’s laser service team, outlines the service and inspection process and contrasts the difference between maintaining a CO2 and a fibre laser machine.

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Types of sheet metal laser cutting

The market for sheet metal laser cutting machines has developed rapidly in recent years, with new types of machines being marketed by sheet metal laser cutting manufacturers, that are revolutionising the laser cutting process and the choices that users can make.

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Lathe Tools Explained | CNC Lathes | Mazak UK

What is a lathe? A lathe is a machine tool that rotates, or turns, the metal workpiece around an axis of rotation, with tools applied to cut the metal and form a final symmetrical part or component. Modern lathes are usually computer numerically controlled (CNC) in which the lathe’s operations are programmed by an operator.

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