Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We offer a full range of bespoke service agreements designed to match your maintenance and performance needs; delivering the highest lifecycle values for our customers.

Taking Maintenance Management To The Next Level

  • Consultative approach to deliver tailored solutions
  • Provision of proven & effective maintenance and service programmes
  • Hassle free easy budgeting
  • Dedicated and highly skilled, factory trained engineers  
  • Builds a close, working relationship
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • ISO 9000 and 14000 certification

Mazak Maintenance Plans (MMP)

The Mazak Maintenance Plans (MMP) allow you, the customer, to choose how best to protect your investment. We can work with you to build a package that meets your needs, and offer you the flexibility to tailor it to fit within your budget. We understand that downtime and cost of ownership are also key factors when considering machinery investment, so we want to create the most optimal after-sales support package.

Health Check

total care

Designed to help keep your machine compliant with machine tool practices and identify any issues that may affect your safety and productivity. It provides information for planning maintenance actions designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of your Mazak machine. You will receive a report on the machine’s condition and machine data will be backed up. It includes geometry and alignment checks and visual check of oil levels, e.g. hydraulic tank, lube oil. The operation of any tool measure systems will also be tested and cables and connectors will be checked.

  • Lathe: Main spindle alignments. Turret alignment. Second spindle/tailstock. Backlash. Centre line. Calibration of the tooleye
  • Machine Centre: Spindle alignments. Backlash, ATC. Z axis stroke. Tooleye calibration

(Any minor adjustments as a result of this visit can be made subject to a maximum of 1 hour).

Machine Service

total care

Changing of oils/fluids (customer to supply/dispose of oils/fluids please see recommended list in maintenance manual or machine plate). Replacement/cleaning of filters and lubrication/adjustment of moving parts will be done as seen appropriate. Includes cleaning lubrication tanks (e.g. hydraulic, slideway & spindle lube). Fans, axis covers and slideway gulleys are cleaned whilst checking for any leaks. Guards/covers are removed for cleaning and access, plus linear guides and cleaned and checked work lights.

Premium Service

total care

Provides regular, long term maintenance to maintain peak performance of your Mazak machine. Includes a Health Check and Machine Service, as well as battery check and machine data backup. The service will act as a guide, enabling you to plan future maintenance actions with appropriate timing and scope to minimise downtime and extend the life of your machine. It provides regular scheduled service visits to take care of your Mazak machine, leaving you free to operate your business profitably.

Laser Calibration & Ball Bar Testing


For the highest levels of accuracy and foot printing we offer laser inspection and calibration of the axes. This is ideal to monitor machine condition, benchmarking and to maximise efficiency when manufacturing at the highest levels of accuracy and in tight tolerances.

This process is highly recommended for high precision machining work and 5 axis machines.

Warranty Plus

warranty plus

(Available only at the point of sale, or when standard warranty expires)

All of our machines come with a warranty period; however we can provide an extension to this up to the lifetime of the machine. The significant advantage is that it limits your exposure to breakdown costs with full parts and labour breakdown coverage; safeguarding you from any unscheduled expenditure caused by sudden repair costs to machines which are outside the terms of the original warranty (excluding accidental damage and ancillary equipment).

Supply & Disposal Of Lubricants. Plus Used Oil Analysis

oil care

Maintenance is significantly enhanced by employing used oil analysis, leading to improved equipment reliability and lubricant life.

We can supply the recommended lubricants designed to maximise your machine lifespan through our supply partner Mobil. The safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of oil related products is of concern to all so they can provide a service for the removal and disposal of waste oils with full traceability.

The safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of oil related products is of concern to all. Chemical Corporation also provides a complete service for the removal and disposal of waste oils, with full traceability.

Our supply partner can additionally provide a full used oil analysis service that includes a detailed laboratory report for condition monitoring and wear analysis.


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