Mazak is the largest manufacturer of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, with a production history of more than 27 years.    

The PALLETECH SYSTEM is designed with the flexibility required for shorter product life cycles, minimum in-process inventory, just-in-time production and other demands of today’s manufacturing environment.    

PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell.    

We offer the PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell (1 level) and PALLETECH High Rise System (2, 3 levels) according to your production volume and budget.    

Furthermore, the PALLETECH System is designed for convenient system expansion after the initial installation to easily respond to increased production requirements in the future.    

e-BOT cell.    

The e-BOT Cell 720 is designed to realize up to 720 hours of unmanned operation per month in the machining of a wide variety of workpieces. Even for changes in production lot sizes, labor requirements are minimal.    

Gantry Robot System.    

Gantry robots are a very effective system to automatically load material and unload workpieces for unmanned operation over extended periods of time    

Robo Smart Cell Automation System.    

Mazak’s ROBO SMART CELL (RSC-2) enhances the productivity and flexibility of your machine tool investment    


Laser FMS    

Extensible Manufacturing Cell    

Flexible system expansion by adding material stockers, additional laser machines and finished workpiece stockers in response to increased production requirements.    

SUPER TURBO-X 510 Mk lll G + Extensible Manufacturing Cell    

Compact Manufacturing Cell    

10 pallets with the material and finished worksheets can be stored in the shelves. Number of micro joins can be minimized since the finished worksheet is unloaded to the stocker with the pallet.

Shown with OPTIPLEX 3015 II