Intelligent Technology

The Multi-Control Torch and the variety of Intelligent Functions provide incomparable operator support for exceptional ease of operation and the optimum machine efficiency.

multi control torchFeaturing the new Multi-Control Torch. Thanks to the flexible beam diameter, optimum cutting with high-speed and high-accuracy can be performed by automatic setup – effective for both thin worksheets and thick plates.


Mazak laser processing machines feature advanced functions, optimum lens and nozzle can automatically be selected and changed for each material and thickness. Even unskilled or inexperienced operators can now easily perform high quality cutting. Quality of machined components is improved with reduced machining time and running cost.


intelligent set-up functions


A wide variety of automation functions is available for ease of operation and reduced setup time.

auto torch changing

Torch changes can be done automatically within the cutting program. Automatically change from cutting torch to piercing torch or spare torch for continuous automatic operation.

auto torch

auto nozzle changing

Automatically change to optimum nozzle for continuous automatic operation. Also assist gas is reduced to realise optimum cutting.

auto nozzle

focus detection

Traditionally focal distance measurement and adjustment requires considerable setup time as well as a skilled and experienced operator. Even unskilled or inexperienced operators can now easily perform these operations by using the Focus Detection system by program commands. Additionally, this system automatically compensates for focal distance changes which occur due to lens contamination.

focus detection

auto focus positioning

By moving a lens up or down, the focal point position can be changed automatically. As a result, the focal point can be positioned for the optimum piercing performance as well as cutting for the maximum productivity.

focus positioning

beam diameter control

By moving the lens up or down, the laser beam diameter can be changed automatically. Stable cutting is achieved resulting in improved cutting speed for thin worksheets and increased cutting performance for thick sheets.beam

auto profiler calibration

Cutting distance position must be maintained for dross free cutting. When installing a new nozzle, gap distance is properly maintained with the use of auto profiler calibration. This automatic calibration maximizes the time between necessary operator intervention.

profiler calibration

auto nozzle cleaning

The torch head can be moved to the nozzle cleaning brush by program command which removes spatter that has adhered to the nozzle.

nozzle cleaning


intelligent monitoring functions

Operation status of laser processing can be monitored. The laser processing head is equipped with a sensor to check piercing and detect defects (burning or plasma).
When a defect is detected, the operation is corrected or paused to realise optimum cutting.

pierce detection

Normally, it is quite difficult to stabilise piercing operations for medium/thick worksheets resulting in piercing problems. The Intelligent piercing sensor detects when the laser beam pierces the material and completes hole piercing. This function ensures continuous piercing operation resulting in the minimum piercing time.

conventional piercing time

plasma detection

Plasma generated during cutting of medium/thick stainless steel worksheets frequently results in cutting failure that stops machine operation.
The Plasma Detection monitors plasma generation during processing and makes automatic adjustments to maintain optimum conditions for consistent cutting quality.


burn detection

Normally burning generated during the cutting of medium/thick mild steel worksheets often results in cutting failure. The Burn Detection monitors for abnormal burning during processing and automatically stops cutting if any is detected.

burn detection

(shown cutting without burn detection)

lens monitoring

If the torch lens becomes contaminated by dust, it could possibly be damaged. The condition of the lens is monitored and if a problem is detected, cutting will automatically stop.



intelligent cutting functions

Automatic functions incorporating Mazak's expertise accumulated over many years ensure high quality and high efficiency laser cutting.

fine power ramping

Fine power ramping function controls laser output and feedrate - optimum cutting conditions are automatically used for high speed straight and corner cutting to prevent dross.

fine power

flash cut


flash cutCutting method by turning the laser ON / OFF without stopping axis.
Axis movement and laser ON / OFF are synchronised to reduce cutting time.