December 2018

Mazak brings latest generation 5-axis machining to Autosport & Southern Manufacturing

Yamazaki Mazak will be exhibiting its INTEGREX i-400S Multi-Tasking machining centre at the upcoming Autosport Engineering and Southern Manufacturing 2019 exhibitions. The i-400S features a large 1500mm machining bed with a completely new design offering higher performance machining and greater workpiece capacity than any other multi-tasking machines in its size range.

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July 2018

June 2018

Achieve unrivalled cutting accuracy with 4kW Mazak 3D laser

Yamazaki Mazak’s 4kW laser processing machine tool is capable of cutting large structural materials, such as pipe or tube, up to a maximum length of 8,000mm. With options available up to more than 15,000mm, the 3D FABRI GEAR III is ideal for cutting long and heavy tube used in the construction industry, such as building structures, heating and ventilation systems, along with machinery applications including cranes and agricultural machinery.

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Unrivalled productivity with Mazak horizontal machining solution

Yamazaki Mazak’s latest horizontal machining solution, the HCN-5000, is equipped with a high capacity MPP500 automation system, specifically designed to facilitate unmanned lights out running and unrivalled productivity and workability.

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May 2018

5-axis machining centre for the aerospace market

Yamazaki Mazak’s high-power full 5-axis horizontal machining centre with a unique tilting rotary table is specifically designed to meet the high-speed aluminium cutting challenges synonymous with the aerospace industry.

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Mazak Direct Diode Laser machine to revolutionise sheet metal-cutting

Direct Diode Laser (DDL) from Yamazaki Mazak is a world-first technology that can revolutionise flat sheet metal-cutting applications.

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Mazak focuses on subcontractors with diverse machine display at MACH 2018

General subcontractors will find be interested to see a range of new machines and automation equipment on the Mazak stand at MACH 2018, all capable of improving machine shop productivity and efficiency.

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Mazak supports resurgent offshore industry with range of high-capacity Multi-Tasking solutions at MACH

Following the promising signs of resurgence within the UK’s oil and gas industry, Mazak will be bringing a number of productivity-enhancing solutions to MACH for subcontractors in the energy sector.

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Mazak to showcase Hybrid manufacturing solution for the repair of high-value parts at MACH 2018

Yamazaki Mazak will be bringing its latest development in Hybrid manufacturing technology for subcontractors, the VARIAXIS j-600/5X AM, to MACH 2018.

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April 2018

Mazak brings versatility to the fore with compact vertical machining centre

Offering unrivalled flexibility for general subcontracting and high-end OEM applications alike, Mazak’s VTC-530C represents a compact vertical machining solution which can adapt to variety of metal-cutting demands.

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Mazak expands 5-axis multi-tasking range to include Siemens

Yamazaki Mazak has expanded its control offering for its popular 5-axis machining centers, the VARIAXIS i-500 and the VARIAXIS i-600, to accommodate customers that have standardised on Siemens controls.

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Mazak launches entry level automation cell for turning applications

Yamazaki Mazak has unveiled a new ‘plug and play’ turning centre and robotic machine tending solution for the subcontract market, the QUICK TURN 250MY and TA-12.

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Mazak showcases range of high volume automotive solutions at MACH

Yamazaki Mazak is showcasing a range of machines ideally suited to high volume automotive manufacturing applications at MACH 2018. All of the machines are highly flexible and capable of machining a range of automotive components whilst offering outstanding productivity and quality.

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Mazak to display trio of turnkey automation solutions at MACH

Yamazaki Mazak will be bringing three productivity-enhancing machine tending solutions to MACH 2018, to demonstrate how manufacturers across the UK can drive tangible productivity benefits from turnkey automation solutions.

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Mazak highlights aerospace capabilities at MACH 2018

The UK’s aerospace sector and its supply chain will benefit from a range of new machining solutions being exhibited on the Mazak stand at MACH 2018. Mazak will be displaying a collection of machines, specifically developed for the aerospace sector and all capable of reaching new heights of production capability.

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March 2018

Two new Siemens machines

Yamazaki Mazak has revealed its latest alternative CNC option for those manufacturers who have standardised on Siemens control.

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Mazak Hybrid Multi-Tasking machines

Capable of both additive and subtractive manufacturing operations, the new VARIAXIS j-600/5X AM is the latest addition to the Yamazaki Mazak’s suite of Hybrid Multi-Tasking machines.

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Enhanced productivity with Mazak’s vertical machining centres

Yamazaki Mazak launches two new veritical machining centres for the European market, specifically targeted at the subcontracting manufacturer.

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January 2018

Mazak for Siemens users

Yamazaki Mazak has revealed its latest alternative CNC option for those manufacturers who have standardised on Siemens control. Mazak’s latest machine to feature a Siemens CNC is its VTC-760C vertical travelling column machining centre, which is controlled by the new Siemens 828D control.

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