Horizontal Milling Machines

Designed to provide unsurpassed performance, productivity and reliability in metal milling processes

Mazak’s horizontal milling machine centers offer a variety of benefits in metal milling.

  • Increased cutting performance thanks to their high-rigidity bed and column.
  • Efficient machining for a wide variety of workpiece materials due to the increased number of available spindle specifications.
  • Increased productivity due to a longer Y-axis stroke and larger maximum tool diameter.

Higher Productivity in Metal Milling Applications

Milling machining area for large, heavy workpieces

The image above displays the machining area for large, heavy workpieces. The larger machining area means higher productivity within milling processes.

High-speed ATC

Cam driven tool changer

The cam-driven tool changer ensures a safe, reliable and high-speed tool change cycles.

Design Features for Unsurpassed Ease of Operation

Large Window

The large front window allows the operator to easily monitor workpiece machining.

Front window on horizontal milling machine

Swivelling Operation Panel

Tool inspection and the machine current position can be conveniently checked by the movable CNC operation panel.

Maintenance Area

Items requiring frequent access for machine operation, such as hydraulic and air pressure inlets, lubrication reservoirs and others are conveniently arranged.Maintenance area on Mazak horizontal milling machine

Loading / Unloading Station

The loading / unloading station for the 2-pallet changer provides excellent accessibility to the workpiece. Additionally, 90° positioning (4 positions) is available for convenient workpiece loading and unloading.Loading and unloading station on horizontal machining centre

2 Pallet Changer Door

The wide door opening at the front of the machine provides excellent accessibility to the pallet at the setup station for convenient loading / unloading of large, heavy workpieces.

Ease of Programming