HCN-6800 NEO

Product: Horizontal

High performance machining center with improved automation compatibility

  • Reduced non-cutting times for higher productivity
  • Spindle specifications to meet a wide variety of machining requirements
  • High rigidity machine construction minimizes machine distortion and ensures high accuracy machining
  • Wide variety of automation system available for higher productivity


10000 min-1 Standard

Spindle power output is 45 kW (40% ED (30 min.rating)). Designed for high efficiency machining of wide variety of applications from steel to non ferrous material.

Output ( 40% ED ) 45 kW
Spindle torque ( 40% ED ) 350 N・m

8000 min-1 High-torque (Option)

Ensures powerful machining of steel and cast iron. Elimination of drive gears minimizes power loss and spindle vibration, improving machine surface quality, and extend tool life.

Output ( 25% ED ) 55 kW
Max. torque ( 10% ED ) 1413 N・m

16000 min-1 High-speed (Option)

Thanks to the changeable bearing preload, rigidity is ensured during low speed machining as well as high speed machining of aluminum.

Output ( 40% ED ) 37 kW
Spindle torque ( 40% ED ) 221 N・m

Direct Drive Motor table with scale (Option)

World fastest class high speed, high precision direct drive motor table

Efficient, high speed operation thanks to the direct transmission of driving power to the rotary table axis, eliminating power transmission components such as the worm shaft and worm gear. Optimum acceleration / deceleration for inertia caused on the table reduce positioning time.

Pallet size □630 mm
Minimum indexing angle increment 0.0001°
Indexing time (90°) 1.2 sec*1
Bidirectional positioning accuracy 7.0 sec

*1 : When inertia is small


Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY Maximum workpiece diameter 1,050 mm
Maximum workpiece height 1,300 mm
X-axis travel (column right and left) 1,050 mm
Y-axis travel (spindle up and down) 900 mm
Z-axis travel (table back and forth) 980 mm
SPINDLE (standard) Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper No. 50
Spindle speed maximum 10,000 min-¹
Main motor (10 minute rating) 54.0 kW
Spindle torque (10%ED) 532.0 Nm
Spindle torque (25%ED) 443.0 Nm
Spindle torque (40%ED) 350.0 Nm
Spindle torque (continuous) 239.0 Nm
FEED RATES Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) 60 m/min.
TABLE & PALLET Pallet width 630 mm
Pallet length 630 mm
ATC TOOL MAGAZINE No. of tool pockets (standard) 43
Tool shank MAS BT-50, CAT 50, DIN 50B BBT50 (MAS, CAT, DIN) HSK-A100
MACHINE SIZE Width 3,405 mm
Length 6,772 mm