Machine Tool CADCAM System    

MAZATROL CAM – Programs can be made, edited and checked anytime in the office    

CNC machine tools are the foundation of industrial metalworking. A machine operator can easily use the MAZATROL CAM since the operation method is the same as the CNC mounted on a machine.    


MAZATROL SMOOTH is a revolutionary CNC  technology designed to improve efficiency by reducing programming time, reducing the time for test cutting and keeping input errors to a minimum. MAZATROL SMOOTH technology promotes ease of operation for all operators and allows surface failures to be predicted quickly and easily. SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY integrates new machine hardware and servo systems in conjunction with the new MAZATROL SMOOTH CNC, resulting in a breakthrough in computer controlled machining.     

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MAZATROL Matrix CAM 2    

MAZATROL Matrix CAM 2 is a sophisticated CAM software solution designed to increase productivity and efficiency whilst ensuring greater speed within the manufacturing process and accuracy of the end product. Machine programming and program analysis can be achieved, right from your office.     

Mazatrol Matrix Cam 2 machine tool technology

MAZATROL CAM Smart 2    

The MAZATROL CAM Smart 2 allows programming and program checking to done directly in the office. The software is simple to use and gives the operator greater visibility, ensuring that the metal machining process runs quicker and smoother.     

Mazatrol Cam Smart 2 machine tool technology

Laser CADCAM System    

Mazak CADCAM Systems – Indispensable tools to enhance laser machine productivity    

Productivity is greatly improved with the use of Mazak software as it provides the best possible conditions for CNC processing. 

CADCAM Fabrication System    

SMART System    


The CADCAM Fabrication System uses 3D solid models to simplify the programming process. Operators of all experience levels are able to make NC programs for complex shapes simply and easily so laser machine utilisation is increased.   

3D CADCAM System    



By importing 3D CAD data, programming times are significantly reduced. Data from these files can also be used to make the programs required to produce fixture components for the workpiece.

Mazak Cyber Production Center    

Comprehensive Factory Management Software    

By using a network, this software can manage your factory in real-time by providing accessibility to machine data, machining programs, fixture data, tool data, production schedules and other data.    

Factory management software in use in an office

Cyber Tool Management    

Cyber machine tool management

Using a network gives you full control over all tool data, helping to reduce setup times and ultimately increasing cutting times across all applications.  

Cyber Scheduler    

Cyber scheduler – factory management software

When new jobs are added, the cyber scheduler shows current workloads and estimated completion time easily.   

Cyber Monitor    

You can check machine operation and job process status conveniently from your office or off-site. 

Cyber monitor – factory management software

Siemens Technology    

Siemens CNC technology

The class leading Mazak machines

Are now available with the latest SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC technology.

SINUMERIK is simple to operate and offers many innovative functions and technology cycles for cost-efficient manufacturing. The programming method is always the right one for your requirements – be it for small or large batch production, for simple or complex workpieces. SINUMERIK is a productive CNC system for every technology application.

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