Additional Automation Systems

Bar Feeder Machine Automation CNC


Bar Feeder Machine Automation

Bar feeders offer immediate increases in productivity. A basic form of automation, the correct bar feeder will help your shop achieve increased material utilization and gain the highest levels of productivity, throughput and quality from your turning operations.

Tool Transport System for CNC Automation

Tooling costs and setup can have a major impact on job profitability. Mazak’s Tool Transport System is designed to automate tool management and setup to deliver improved tool utilisation, faster setup, lower cost-per-part and improved profitability.

The operator can load tools into the single central tool stocker that shares tools across multiple machines in a system. This frees the operator to perform higher-value tasks, resulting in improved operator and tool utilisation.

Higher productivity and shorter machine idle-times are guaranteed by the Smooth PMC controller. The controller performs a production simulation prior to machining to forecast all tool requirements for the machining schedule.

Tool transport system automation from Mazak. Consists of tool stocker, tool magazine and tool transport loader.

e-BOT cell    

A highly advanced alternative to traditional production, articulated robots provide automation for one or multiple machines as well as part transfers to peripheral operations. They also eliminate the challenges that come with handling large, heavy or cumbersome parts. Articulated robots use rotary joints to achieve an increased change of motion. From simple 2-joint robots to complex 10-joint robots, you have the power to choose just how much range of motion is necessary to gain a competitive advantage.

Articulated e-bot robot automation Mazak CNC

Collaborative Robot (COBOT) Automation

COBOT’s are designed with direct human interaction in mind and can be used safely within an open space, with no safety fencing required.  Utilising the latest in sensing technology, speed controls, lightweight materials and smooth designs they are ideal for integration with Mazak machines, and can provide very space-efficient automation solutions.

Collaborative robot (COBOT) automation for Mazak CNC machine