We offer the most innovative manufacturing technology and advanced support resources in the energy industry, with a variety of machine configurations from which to choose, acute market knowledge and extensive applications expertise. Whether your energy-based applications involve oil and gas exploration or power generation, we have what you need to optimize your manufacturing capacity and flexibility, produce precision parts as well as achieve increased productivity when machining tough materials.

Innovative Technology

By working closely with energy customers around the world, we are able to monitor trends, identify challenges and develop a broad range of fast and powerful machine tool solutions that revolutionize the processing of energy components, including:

  • Productive turning centers with large spindle bores that bring reduced cycle times to long, large-diameter shaft-type part applications.
  • Multi-Tasking machine functionality for heavy milling, turning, drilling and specialty threading options for API and premium threads.
  • Large work envelopes that accommodate various part sizes.
  • Optional Long Boring Bar (LBB) deep-hole capability for extremely productive Done-In-One® machining.
  • Optional Long Vertical Mill (LVM) capability for I.D. milling and drilling operations deep inside long parts.
  • Advanced integral spindle/motor headstocks that deliver increased spindle rigidity for heavy-duty machining and high-speed, high-torque performance.
  • A unique headstock design that generates turned features on valves and other large, odd-shaped parts by keeping the workpiece clamped and stationary, only moving the cutting tool.
  • Fully programmable tailstocks that enable highly accurate turning of long workpieces.
  • Steady Rests that support long parts for maximum accuracy and process stability when cutting with a Y-axis or performing milling operations.
  • CNC controls with EIA/ISO and MAZATROL conversational programming for flexible, user-friendly operation.
  • Bar feeder, gantry robot or pallet system integration for continuous unmanned operations and processing versatility.

Advanced Support

With our regional-based support network, well-established machine service infrastructure, industry partnerships and engineering expertise, we can assist you in tackling the most demanding energy part-processing applications.

  • Our eight regional Technology Centers put machining demonstrations, application engineers, and comprehensive training in close proximity to you.
  • As part of our Value Inspired Partners program, we work with certified technology partners to provide you with optimized turnkey manufacturing solutions.
  • Our proficiency in all of the industry-leading CAM systems allows us to help you optimize your 5-axis programming no matter what system you are running.
  • Our Optimum Plus total support program fulfills all of your parts, service and training needs to ensure you get the maximum return on your machine investment.
  • We provide secure applications development and guarantee complete design privacy of your individual manufacturing system.


Oil and Gas

  • Drill Pipes and Casing
  • Pipe Control Valves
  • Mud Pumps, Frac Pumps, and Frac Tools
  • Wellhead Equipment

Power Generation

  • Rotor Shafts and Discs
  • Casings
  • Impellers
  • Generator Shafts
  • Blades and Blade Roots
Contact your local Mazak Representative or visit one of our Technology Centers to identify what Mazak Machining Center best fits your part-processing needs.