Product: Turning

QUICK TURN 350MSY with optional MAZATROL SmoothG CNC shown

High Performance for demanding workpiece applications

  • Specifications designed to meet your production requirements  - Milling, Second Spindle & Y axis function
  • Due to integral spindle / motor, vibration is minimised during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes.
  • Smooth Mill Drive - integral spindle / motor utilized for rotary tool spindle
  • Wide range of spindle power specifications to meet your workpiece requirements.
  • Advanced features of the Mazak SmoothG CNC

Machine Specifications

1250 mm bed (Universal) Values
CAPACITY Chuck size main spindle 10 "
Chuck size secondary spindle 8 "
Maximum swing 830 mm
Maximum machining diameter 420 mm
Bar work capacity main spindle 80 mm
MAIN SPINDLE Rotating speed maximum 4,000 min-¹
Motor output (40% ED rating) 26.0 kW
Motor output (continuous rating) 22.0 kW
SECONDARY SPINDLE Rotating speed maximum 5,000 min-¹
Motor output (25%ED rating) 15.0 kW
Motor output (continuous rating) 11.0 kW
Maximum torque 233.0 Nm
TURRET No of stations on drum turret 12
Mill spindle motor output (continuos rating) 5.5 kW
Mill spindle motor output (40% ED) 7.5 kW
Mill spindle rotating speed maximum 5,000 min-¹
Mill spindle maximum torque 95 Nm
FEED AXES Rapid traverse (X axis) 30 m/min
Rapid traverse (Y axis) 15 m/min
Rapid traverse (Z Axis) 33 m/min
Rapid traverse (W axis) 30 m/min
Travel (X axis) 270 mm
Travel (Y axis) 150 mm
Travel (Z axis) 1,285 mm
Travel (W axis) 1,275 mm