Product: 5-Axis

Designed for the machining of mid to large aerospace components with unsurpassed efficiency.

  • Box construction integrates the base, column, and table for the maximum rigidity to ensure high accuracy machining.
  •  Powerful, high-speed HSK-A63 26000 rpm 45 kW integral spindle/motor is standard equipment.
  • High speed simultaneous 5-axis machining thanks to the maximum feedrates of 1378 / 1181 / 1181 IPM (35/30/30 m/min) for the X/Y/Z axes and 50 rpm for the A/C axes both driven by Direct-Drive motors.
  • Large workpiece : capacity table size is 157.48 x 49.21"(4000 x 1250 mm) with maximum load of 6615 lbs (3000 kg).
  • Symmetrical base/column construction together with advanced coolant and chip disposal system minimizes heat displacement for stable production.

Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
TRAVEL X-axis travel (Spindle head right/left) 4,200 mm
Y-axis travel (Spindle head up/down) 1,500 mm
Z-axis travel (Spindle head back/forth) 500 mm
A-axis travel ±100°
C-axis travel (standard) ±200°
C-axis travel (optional) 360°
Minimum indexing increment (A/C) 0.0001 °
CAPACITY Maximum workpiece length 4,000 mm
Maximum workpiece width 1,250 mm
Maximum workpiece height 500 mm
Maximum table load (uniformly distributed) 3,000 kg
SPINDLE (STANDARD) Spindle taper hole HSK-A-63
Rotational speed (maximum) 26,000 min-¹
Output (25% ED) 55.0 kW
FEEDRATE Rapid traverse rate X-axis 35 m/min
Rapid traverse rate Y-axis 35 m/min
Rapid traverse rate Z-axis 35 m/min
ATC & TOOL MAGAZINE Tool storage capacity (standard) 30