Product: 5-Axis

VERSATECH V-140N/440 shown

Continuous machining without head change thanks to spindle head with B- and C-axes.

Enhanced productivity for very large workpiece machining thanks to the 8000 rpm #50 taper nutating spindle head.

Machine Specifications

Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY (Double Column Machining Center) X-axis stroke (Table back/forth) 9,000 mm
Y-axis stroke (Spindle head right/left) 4,600 mm
Z-axis stroke (Spindle head up/down) 710 mm
W-axis (Cross rail up/down) 1,250 mm
SPINDLE Spindle speed maximum (standard spec.) 8,000 min-ยน
Main motor (S6-25%) 40.0 kW
Main motor (S1) continuous 30.0 kW
Main motor torque (S1) continuous 286.0 Nm
FEED RATES Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z) 15/30/30 m/min
TABLE Table length 8,000 mm
ATC & TOOL MAGAZINE Tool storage capacity (standard) 30
Tool storage capacity (option) 60/120
Tool shank type MAS BT50, CAT 50