FG-220 DDL

Product: Laser

3D Direct Diode Laser Processing Machine for Long Tube and Structual Material

Max. material length for loading   : 8150 mm(320.87")
  (option : 6250 mm(246.06"), 12350 mm(486.22"))
Max. material length for unloading : 8000 mm(314.96")
  (option : 6100 mm(240.16"), 12200 mm(480.31"))
Max. material diameter

: round pipe Φ220mm,(Φ8.66") 
   square pipe  □ 152.4 mm(6.0")


  • Just load the material in the loading station, and material handling, 3D laser cutting and unloading of finished workpieces are all performed automatically. 

  • Complete all cutting processes from 3D cutting to tapping in just one machine when equipped with the optional tapping unit [Max. M12 (1/2 UNC and UNF)]

  • The Direct Diode Laser has a shorter wavelength than a CO2 laser for high speed cutting of mild steel with nitrogen assist gas. The FG-220 DDL improves pproductivity of cutting this to mid thickness pipe and other structural material.

  • With Auto centering and clamping of material function, FG-220 DDL automatically centers and clamps different material shapes, such as round, square and rectangular

  • When automatic operation is stopped due to an interruption created by cutting failure, the Quick Program Restart Function registers the position in its memory and can restart the machine from the point where it stopped

  • Convenient operation of FG-220 DDL from making CNC program to cutting

Machine Specifications

4.0 kW Laser Values
Maximum machining dimensions Round pipe Ф20 to Ф 220
Square pipe 20 x 20 to 152.4 x 152.4
Channel type L-steel 20 x 20 to 152.4 x 152.4
H-steel / L-steel 20 x 20 to 152.4 x 152.4
Min. length of remaining material Reclamping 0
Chopping off 325 mm
Height of chuck center (mm) 950 mm
Axis Travel V-axis 2,315 mm
Y-axis 985 mm
Z-axis 400 mm
A-axis +/- 99999.999 deg
B-axis +-135 deg
C-axis +-99999.999deg
Rapid traverse X/U/V-axis 100 m/min
Y-axis 36 m/min
Z-axis 30 m/min
A-axis 9,600 °/min
B-axis 9,600 °/min
C-axis 20,000 °/min
Machine Specification Axis Drive System X/U/V Rack&Pinion, Y/Z Ball screw drive
Positioning accuracy (mm) +-0.05/500mm
Repeatability +-0.01/500mm
Cutting head M10 type DDL torch
Profiling unit Non-contact tyoke
Lighting Unit LED
Oscillation Indicator Yellow(ready for laser oscillation), Red(laser beam emitting)
Assist gas pressure NC function control Assist gas to be programmed directly Max. setting 2.5Mpa
Noise Level (dBA) Max.80dBA
AXIS TRAVEL : X-axis (loading) 7155mm(6m)/9055mm(8m)/13255mm(12m)
AXIS TRAVEL : U-axis (unloading) 3989mm(3m)/7089mm(6m)/8989mm(8m)/13189mm(12m)
Laser Resonator Specifications Laser type Direct diode laser
Wave length 975nm
Continuous rated output 4 kW
Output range 500 to 4000W
Pulse mode frequency,duty
Output stability +-2.0%
Laser gas 3 (Oxygen, air, assist gas)
Control Specifications Name Mazak FX(30i-L5)
CPU 64 bit
Input method MDI key input, or data input vis USB
Monitor 15" color LCD
Control method Semi-closed loop
Memory Capacity 8MB
Program Storage Capacity 1000 programs
Programming method EIA/IOS method
Program number 4 digit number of program identification
Number of controlled Axes (14-axis control) X,Y,Z,A,B,C1,C2,C3,C4,U,V,Z2,A2,W
Number of controlled Axes (18-axis control) X,Y,Z,A,A2,U,V,W,B,B2,X,Y,Z,A,U,V,W,B
Minimum setting unit 0.001mm
Servo System Digital
Position detector Encoder
Input Interface USB