Product: Laser

Simple,Compact,High-performance Laser processing machine

A variety of Intelligent Function provides incomparable operator support for exceptional ease of operation and the optimum machine efficiency.


  • Less floor space is realized by integrated oscillator and power panel


  • Compact Manufacturing Cell and FMS can be selected to meet a widerange of production requirements

Simple input function for machining shape

  • Round,square and ellipse shape can easily be programmed by selecting patterned shape and inputting numerical values even multiple hole machining


Machine Specifications

2.5 kW Laser Values
Model characteristics Type Flying Optics Type
Workpiece Maximum size 1525 x 3050 mm
Work table Height 900 mm
Axis Stroke X axis 3,100 mm
Y axis 1,580 mm
Z axis 150 mm
Rapid Traverse Rate X, Y 60 m/min
Z 60 m/min
Positioning Accuracy X axis, Y axis ±0,05 / 500 mm
Z axis ±0,01 / 100 mm
Positioning Repeatability X axis, Y axis, Z axis ± 0.03 mm
Machine Weight 11,000 kg
Sound Less than 80dB